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Zoning codes allowing sales in Community Gardens


Can anyone help us identify municipal or state laws / codes that allow (or disallow) sales of produce grown in community gardens at the garden?

We are searching for best practices. Several cities here in Arizona seem to require use permits (that come with fees) for a grower to sell what they grow in their garden plot at the garden.

This is in direct conflict with state statute that says the producers of food products on agricultural lands, farms and gardens shall never under any pretext be denied or restricted the right to sell and dispose of their products. And further, no tax, license or fee shall be imposed, levied upon, demanded or collected from a producer for a sale of a food product as defined in this article, (ARS 3-561 to 3-563) and no penalty or punishment shall be imposed on account of the sale.

Our goal is to achieve statewide consistency in policy and practice in order to increase access to healthy food as well as promote civic agriculture.

Thanks very much in advance.