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Welcome to ACGA Discussion Forum


Welcome to the American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) Discussion Forum,
This forum is for sharing ideas and strategies about community building, policy, management, development, fundraising, education, membership, land-use and gardening topics related to community gardening, urban agriculture, and ACGA.

We hope that by sharing ideas and questions from your communities this forum will help and encourage other communities nationally, regionally and locally grow community gardening efforts.

What are your choices?

  • To be part of the discussions and sort by subject, one region, or multiple regions or both subject and regions.

  • To receive emails from ACGA, such as available funding, advocating for community gardening legislation, annual conference information, where the next Growing Communities workshop is happening.

  • To receive all of the above

If you are not already, think about becoming an ACGA member:

ACGA Forum Etiquette
It is a forum for sharing solutions that work. Self-promotion and advertising messages are discouraged. Classes and activities of interest to urban gardeners like plant sales, etc. are ok.
When writing a message
• Keep it brief and state the purpose in the first paragraph. This allows the recipient to scan your message more easily.
• Always include a descriptive subject heading and NEVER have a deceptive one just to get them to open the message.
• Always include an e-mail signature with phone number and name.
• This list is not moderated please keep in mind conversations that might be better between individuals and reply directly to person posting or responding to the emails.
Don’t post a message just to tell everyone that you agree with a post
Don’t Misuse the list
We recognize that forum members misuse may result from misunderstanding. Depending upon the nature and seriousness of the misuse, users may be told to stop the misuse or may be removed from a mailing list. Misuse may take many forms, including but not limited to:
• posting off-topic messages
• using abusive, profane, insulting or degrading language
• violating city, state, county or federal law
• commercial use

For more information about ACGA visit our website

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