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Water Authority support for community gardens


Hi all -

Looking for example policies from local water authorities that support community gardens with free water, or waterline installation.

Thanks in advance!



Hey, Rayden,

Hope you are doing well, and not getting lost on any bike trips in the snow.

Belated Happy New Year!

It may be of little help, but here two things have been useful in Charlotte.

First, look for an existing meter and water hookup on the property or nearby. If there is a box already, it is much easier and cheaper. That’s helped determine the location of a number of gardens here. It isn’t always obvious - on one Park and Rec site, we found a meter from an old house, long since demolished. That’s one of my first actions, prowling around staring at the ground, looking for a water meter.

Second, look for allies in public agencies. For us here, the go-to group is Park and Recreation. They deal with water hookups a lot for ball fields etc, and they run our greenway program which demolishes houses, leaving meters behind. They also have community gardens on park land, of course, but have helped with non-park locations, such as churches.

The average price to run a line, even with a meter, comes to around $500 to $1k. However, in one instance, a small city Park and Rec covered the cost to run a line along a road for almost 1 mile (never did find the cost…) As in this case, generally the cost is absorbed by the county, city, or parks dept, not passed on to organizers or gardeners.

Be well, and good luck,




There are a couple local opportunities that our municipalities offer (not always water district). These are not directly related to community gardens but all residences of the respective city/county. The city of Santa Barbara (CA) offers discounted compost bins for residents. Discounted and some times free water saving sprinkler heads. They also provide free mulch (you pick up) for gardens.

The county of Ventura (just south of here) offers discounted rain collection barrels and worm composting bins to any resident.

All of our local water districts and city government agencies also offer a whole host of classes focusing on water saving opportunities for both private residences and local business and many classes and educational materials about water-wise gardening.


Thank you! Will try to see if these munis have anything on the books about how they support gardens.


Thank you Don! Will try to see if Charlotte has anything on the books about how they support gardens.