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Recruiting community gardeners for a community garden


Wondering if anyone has discovered how best to reach-out to potential gardeners to participate in a community garden?


Hi there! Is this for a new community garden? If so, you should reach out to neighbors, community organizations, your local extension agent.

For a pre-existing garden, throw an event at your community garden and invite the public. That’s an excellent way to bring people into your garden and share with on how to get involved and join.

For even more information, check out the 10 steps to start a community garden page on our website:

Hope this is helpful!


Great ideas! Thank you.


I am complete community garden newbie, and a group of us want to build a community garden. We have the space, access to grant money, and, most of all, enthusiasm. But now what? Is there a “starter kit” out there somewhere? We need to present things like cost for the initial build, including running pipes for irrigation. There’s also digging the plots themselves (we’re going for raised beds), how to advertise, how to use the space available in the most efficient way, etc. We need it all.




Hi you can also check out our garden development page:
Happy to help if you have any questions
Sandy in Seattle