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Positions available


Community gardening program of Five Rivers MetroParks in Dayton Ohio has 2 immediate and one position opening in September 2017. MetroParks positions listed here.

Education Specialist, year-round part-time, working out of Possum Creek MetroPark. Offers programming on a variety of gardening and food topics for adults, youth and families. Responsible for coordinating and leading a teen summer youth program centered around growing, eating and selling local food. Primary assigned subject areas are food and community gardening. Also offers outreach to regional community gardens. Will post Fri 4/ 28/17.

Park Maintenance Technician, 800 hours between now and Octoberish. Work with community gardeners to till, deliver resources, maintain equipment, etc.

AmeriCorps Green Schoolyards Coordinator. Sept 2017-July 2018, full-time. Works with schools and teachers in the Miami Valley to promote opportunities for youth to connect with nature. Members will conduct classes, trainings and in-person visits to teachers and other adults interested in gardening with children. Applicants should have a strong interest or skill in gardening and should also have experience in teaching adults or children.