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On-Line Summit: Eat Your Dirt


Join ‘Eat Your Dirt’ online Conference, a series of videos and live talks about soil, food, health, and community.
March 5 - 11, 2017
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Learn to: ● Build healthier soil for healthier food ● Design beautiful landscapes that are full of edible life ● Reverse climate change in your backyard and in your community

Some of the Topics and Speakers Include: ● Soil and the Food Web - Dr. Elaine Ingham ● Principles, Practices, and Tips for Water-Harvesting Earthworks and Rain Gardens - Brad Lancaster ● Urban Homesteading the Neighborhood and Seed Starting - Sarah Sailer ● The Hidden Half of Nature AND Growing a Revolution - Anne Bikle’ and David Montgomery ● Permaculture Design and Community Food Forestry – Jackie Cramer
• LIVE sessions - Hugalkultur Q&A AND From Scary to Beautiful with Permaculture - Paul Wheaton ● Organic Revolutionary - Grace Gershuny ● Rocket Mass Heaters and Outdoor Applications - Erica and Ernie Wisner and more!
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If you cannot sign up now and watch these dates March 5-11, you can sign up for a fee and have access to the summit in the future: click here:


Boy does this ever sound great!!! I won’t be in town, so can’t go.