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I need help with my survey about gardening and growing your own greens!


Dear reader of this post,

My name is Jennifer Bolink and currently I’m a student at HZ University of Applied Sciences, based in the Netherlands (Europe). I’m doing an internship at Own Greens, which is a new product for growing herbs and greens at home, 365 days a year and without any pesticides or bacteria. As a part of this internship I have to complete a research. Part of my research is a survey. The aim of this research is to gain insight into the customer journey of the American consumer. The answers you give will be kept completely anonymous. The results of this research are only visible to my lecturer and internship supervisor. Filling in the survey takes about 5-10 minutes of your time. Would you please be so kind to help me out? Please feel free to send it to everyone you know who is into gardening. Please click the link to fill in the survey.

I’m sharing the link here, because I need as many answers as possible. Since I’m from the Netherlands, it’s really hard to reach people in the United States, especially people who are into gardening.

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,

Jennifer Bolink