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How do you currently manage your irrigation?


I am interested in learning more about how different community gardens in different parts of their country manage their irrigation water use. How big of a concern is water efficiency to all of you? At least here in Southern California, water efficiency is a big deal.
At ConserWater Technologies, we have been developing an artificial intelligence (ConserWater) to help reduce irrigation water use by 30% both cost-effectively and in a scalable manner, without any hardware. As part of this effort, we are trying to learn more about how all of you yours currently handle irrigation efficiency.

Users can typically save at least 30% in water use with ConserWater – this can translate to up to $1000/acre every year in cost savings. We just released this product in a web dashboard (ConserWater™ Web) and are currently offering it from $1.99 per an acre per a month for our users. To learn more please visit


I use the drip method. We have no shortage of water in Central Connecticut, but a) I like to conserve anyway and more important b)It prevents water splashing on my plants, which tends to cause blight, a problem in the past. Plus, it just plain prevents over watering… No big expense-I use a network of $ 10 dollar soaker hoses.


Does ConserWater work in raised garden beds? We have 30 with one 100 gallon water tub and a 90 gallon rain barrell next to a shed with guttering to the barrel. We are always interested in conserving water and using natural water when possible. There are 30 raised garden beds to water plus ground plantings.


We use micro drip irrigation that The Drip Store helped us configure. Works great!