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Gardener Agreement/Registration


Our current small community garden in Morgan Hill, CA has 76 plots. Each garden member is required to read and sign both a Gardener agreement page which spells out the rules and a Garden Registration page at time of joining and with each new registration deadline at end of the year. It has been a struggle lately getting all the returning members returning the required forms with signatures and checks for fees. Just wondering if there’s a better way to do this. Do others combine the registration and rule agreement into one form? Is it needed to have members sign the Waiver of Liability each year?


We have a similar policy here. We don’t guarantee that our gardeners will receive the same plot. As a side bonus, this helps them to respond more quickly to our application request in the Spring. When they’ve put a lot of work into their plot they want to ensure they get the same one for the following year.

We do have a lot of low income participants, though, so even though we do have a plot fee we make room for those who are unable to afford the fee. We give those members a “scholarship.” The members who are able to afford but just aren’t paying do not have their plot officially assigned to them until they pay. (I have been fairly lenient with this and send personal reminders to people I know want to be involved again.) For those who want to contribute but may be in a financially difficult time to pay, I assign their plot and give them a time extension for payment.

Our electronically signed agreement (a Google Form) makes it very easy for them to complete and return, and I am able to quickly gather the data and have it organized in a spreadsheet. I let people know that this data is important not only for updating their personal contact information but for ensuring they remember our organic and care policies and will allow me to make improvements to the garden and its program, based on their feedback.


Thanks so much.
We also have a plot fee scholarship based on financial need. Garden members that have not paid in full and provided a signed reg./agreement form by the deadline and even short grace period forfeit their plot… They would have to get back on the waiting list to rejoin the group. I am a believer that to get gardeners to do what they need to do, one has to make it easy. So, that’s the reason I’m looking for possible ways to make the registration process easier on everyone.
Could you email me a copy of your Google Form to: