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Garden Registarion


Morgan Hill, CA . Community Garden.
We have had a difficult time getting getting all the garden members registered and dues paid each January. There are always some tardy members that need a lot of nudging. Causing some friction among the members and the Board of directors. Some proposed fixes are adding a 4 week grace period after the registration deadline with a fine. Also, do not require a signed Agreement stating six prime garden compliance rules for returning members. It would only have to signed by new members. Currently, members have to sign this form each year. And sometimes it is not included with the registration which cause problems.
How do other Community gardens deal with yearly dues and registration?


hello Morgan, i don’t know how long your gardening season goes but starting to register at the end of this growing season for next growing season could give a longer window for registration. our growing season, here , in Lansing,Michigan starts on may 1st and ends by the last week of October, our registration opens on first week of March and closes by third week of April.