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Garden plot markers


Hi Everyone,
Wondering how you identify plot numbers on your community plot rentals? A Boy Scout is looking for an Eagle Scout project and we thought this would be good. Hoping to find ideas for durable
signs that will last year to year. We have 40 plots with around 20+ renters.
Thanks for any suggestions!
Melody Jeffrey
Nimmo Community Garden
Va. Beach, VA



Good morning
I forwarded this question to our Garden Manager. Here’s his reply:
"We’ve been using stenciled numbering on the block beds and large garden markers from Maryland Plants and Supplies attached to the sides of garden circles to identify bed numbers and vegetable plantings. We’re recycling some of these now for future stenciling and/or labeling by hand with a garden marker. My sense is that this may not be challenging enough for an Eagle Scout project. "

These markers are really versatile but not very aesthetically pleasing. But, if you’d like information about them let me know.

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Hi Melody,
Here’s a picture of a sign in the Circle bed. We also have raised beds, but, nothing ground level. The raised beds prevent the hose problem you asked about.

We put up a sign at the beginning of the season with the numbers and correlated names. We hope to have a permanent sign installed that can be reused every year.

The signs are about 9x9.

Hope this helps.