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Free Mulch Deliveries - Mobile App



My name is Rick and I’ve been working on an app over the last few months called Mulch Saver. Mulch Saver connects tree trimming services with local growers (gardeners, farmers, composters, etc.) to divert mulch out of landfill and into the hands of people that need it.

Mulch Saver seeks to improve on other mulch delivery apps by empowering growers to pick and choose the mulch deliveries that they want rather than having deliveries forced upon them at potentially inconvenient times.

The app is available for download on the iOS App and Google Play stores and is completely free. Just search “Mulch Saver”.

You can also visit our website ( for more information or leave a post here if you have any questions or concerns. If you or anyone you know is interested, please spread the word about this little app!


Awesome idea.
Atlanta, George


Yes very cool. I will pass on the app to orgs/people.

Monica Clark


That is a pretty cool idea, I’ll pass around the information to my gardening friends. Here in California our local waste disposal company provides mulch free of charge for residents you just have to load it yourself at the transfer station.

I also want to put it out there as well for those who have large amounts of tree trimmings or work for tree trimming/landscape company contact your local zoo and they might be very interested in accepting tree trimmings as food for the animals. They will have staff available to help guide you in what they can accept, etc. For example check out this website from my local zoo:


it is a very cool idea, i am wondering if the app will work in all region or is limited only in a particular region. i am in Lansing Michigan, we do use a lot of mulching in our community gardens and would be nice to use the app.