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First meeting with city parks board


So Istarted a discussion about six months ago regarding a burgeoning community garden project that I was heading up. Finally I have my five minutes. The trouble is that I am not great at being concise. I need recommendations for the most important bullet points, and the best approach. Keep in mind that I am in a recently rural central Texas town with an exploding population. A key motivation for the existence of this garden is to bring the two parts of our community together. Thank you all in advance.


Jared - there are many important benefits from community gardens. To prioritize your speaking points, I would first think about the existing cares and goals of the city parks board and align community garden benefits w/ those. For example, if the primary goal of the board is to increase stewardship of the park, I would make sure to highlight the number of people directly and indirectly who will be participating in the garden. I would also point to the fact that community gardeners are at the garden at varying/somewhat random times and that this creates a fairly consistent element of engagement. If the garden has other plans for engaging nongardeners, I would definitely bring this up as the board will want to know how the garden can be connected to the greater community.

Jared, these are just a few very basic thoughts, but I think it is important to understand the viewpoint of your audience and really align how the garden will help reach the goals of the city parks board.

Good luck, Jared, and I hope this is helpful. Best, Shannon