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Fight climate change by sequestering carbon in your soil!

Chances are, you’re already sequestering carbon in your garden, effectively fighting climate change and growing healthier plants. :earth_americas: :herb: Now, it’s just a matter of keeping the carbon in the ground where it belongs!

Check out this toolkit to see the complete list of gardening practices that sequester carbon. Composting, mulching, growing perennials, and many more!

If you are using these practices, we’d love for you to register your garden as a Climate Victory Garden. These gardens are based off of the Victory Gardens of WWII, but this time, we’re gardening for the planet! Join 1,300 other gardeners and nearly 9 million sq ft of gardens fighting climate change, and check out the map to see if there are any near you.

Questions? Email Jes at ClimateVictoryGarden [at] GreenAmerica [dot] org

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