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Creating a cooperative community garden


Calling all experienced community garden organizers!!!
I am embarking on a seriously ambitious endeavor to bring together several of the small gardens in our local community as well as create a large formal community garden. I am wolking with the two largest local non-profits, the local school district, the Lions Club and the city. Having all of these separate entities to bring together, I need advice and support. If anyone knows of good resources, has models I could follow, or just good advice, I am open to it all.
Thank you!!!


Jared - I think there are many excellent models out there. I can speak specifically to the model Denver Urban Gardens uses and why I like it and how it works. If you would like to set up a time to talk, please feel free to email me. Take care, Shannon


Thank you Shannon. I am grateful for your response and extremely motivated to chat. I am available Monday or Tuesday of next week, anytime after 2pm. Just let me know what works best for you.
Thank you again,


Jared - since we are looking to next week, how do you feel about talking on Aug 14 or later that week? I’m out of town and though I could call early next week, I’d love wait until that following week if that works for you.

If the week of Aug 14 does work, please email me some dates/times(including time zones), that work for you and we will get something scheduled. Take care, Shannon


You took one of the most important first steps for success by posting on here! :slight_smile: Get support, encouragement, and advice from those with positive experience. Several other important considerations are: 1. Always maintain open, healthy, and clear communication with each group involved, 2. Give each group concrete ways to be involved that can still flex with their own creativity and ingenuity, and 3. Have a clear idea of what success in this venture looks like for you, so you will know when you are headed toward your mark or away from it, 4. Be ready to embrace patience and dogged determination, and 5. Take time to celebrate every little victory! :slight_smile:

May you have good success in your labor of love.